Why we offer the MF2607H Manual Gear instead of MF375.

  1. The MF375 is no longer manufactured by Massey Ferguson. Production has been terminated since 1997. MF2607H Manual Gear is a modern version of MF375.
  2. The MF2607H manual gear is a rugged new line of tough and dependable tractor that brings back the heritage and affordability of classic Massey Ferguson model MF375.
  3. MF2607H manual gear has the enhanced features of M375. But the values of MF2607H manual gear has been excellently redefined.
  4. Versatility – The MF2607H manual gear has more features for more production. In this case, farmers are enabled to produce more for more profit.
  5. Manual Gear/Transmission 8-by-8 independent PTO shuttle transmission.
  6. The high capacity hydraulics in MF2607H manual gear make implements work simple.
  7. Stability – MF2607H manual gear tractors combine innovation with confidence-building stability. It adds up to a tough tractor that is ready to go when the farmer is ready to go.
  8. Durable Steel hood, fenders, and platform help the MF2607H tractor last longer in more condition.
  9. Ease of Use – The MF2607H manual gear makes everything easier for the operator. The tractor is virtually free of maintenance. There is no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to worry about. DPF is a device designed to remove diesel soot from the exhaust gas of s diesel engine.
  10. No DEF - The MF2607H manual gear does not require the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is a non-hazardous solution, which is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.
  11. Easy Fuel Fill – Ground level fuel tanks provide easy access and avoid spills and waste of diesel fuel needed by the farmer to perform his job.
  12. Comfortable drive to make farming a little easier is built in the Rubber floor mats to allow for a more comfortable drive with decreased vibrations.
  13. The Debris and heat shields located on the floor near the farmer’s feet provide a cooler and cleaner drive.
  14. Drivetrain – 5-year powertrain warranty (Not available with MF375)
  15. Parts – One-year parts warranty (Not available with MF375).