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Money Transfer

We can accept 2 forms of money transfer; Letter of Credit and Direct ACH.

Letter of Credit Requirements:

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If a letter of credit is issued, below are the terms and conditions acceptable to Shoppers Dome Marketplace. If any of these requirements are unacceptable, please contact Ms. Jin Abel with alterations so an agreement can be reached. This will eliminate unnecessary costs and delays later due to amendments on the letter of credit.

  1. Please open the letter of credit by SWIFT; opening letters of credit by mail may delay the order process by 2-4 weeks.
  2. The credit shall be drawn in irrevocable form and subject to “Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits” International Chamber of Commerce Publication Number 500.
  3. The letter of credit is to be advised and confirmed by any U.S. owned bank, preferably in Schertz, Texas. Shoppers Dome Marketplace bank may be the advising/confirming if the customer does not already have a bank for this purpose. Banking information for letters of credit are as follows:
        Example Generic Bank, Inc.
         123 Example Generic Bank Plaza
         Schertz, TX 55480 USA
         Acct. # XXXXX-XXXXX-XX ROUTING NUMBER: 749376
         Attn: International Department

  4. The credit shall be payable at the counters of any U.S. Bank.
  5. The letter of credit shall show as The Beneficiary:
        Shoppers Dome Marketplace
        540 Rooster Run
        Schertz, Texas 78154
        United States of America
  6. The letter of credit shall be payable in U.S. Dollars at sight of draft and documents and in the amount specified in the order invoice.
  7. The following documents will be provided for this transaction. Please avoid the requirement for any other documents without prior agreement by us.
    a) Commercial Invoice totaled to FCA, CPT, or CIP designated location as per the agreed order (per Incoterms   2000): 4 originals.
    b) Packing List in quadruplicate.
    c) The transport document as follows

For Ocean Freight:
Clean On-Board Ocean Bill of Lading consigned “to order” or shipper.
- NVOCC bills of lading shall be allowed.
- Marked freight collect of prepaid, as agreed in the order. The port of export (for ocean) shall be specified as “any USA port and designate the arrival port at destination (Lagos).

  1. Trans-shipment shall not be allowed.
  2. Partial shipment shall be allowed, if agreed upon in the order.
  3. The expiration date on the letter of credit shall not be less than 30 days after the issuance of the transport document (ocean bill of lading)
  4. The letter of credit shall not be transferable.
  5. All banking charges incurred inside and outside the beneficiary’s country are for the account of the applicant (customer). Note: this includes all charges related to amending the letter of credit as well as confirmation fees (must be specified in writing within the credit).
  6. Description of the goods on the letter of credit shall be as simple as possible. Please identify product as follows: Massey Ferguson MF2607H Tractor, Disc Harrow YDH800 80” (8 inch) Medium Duty, Disc Plow TD2-2/22 with SCPR/2scrapers blade disc plow, Disc Bedder Tufline RD420-18 one row disc bedder.
  7. Letter of credit must be in English.
  8. No boycott, restrictive trade practices, or discriminatory provisions will be allowed in the letter of credit.