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Power Generators

Model: A-iPower 9000
A-iPower Portable Generator — 9,000 Surge Watts, 7,250 Rated Watts, Electric Start, EPA Compliant, Model# SUA9000E Product Summary This A-iPower Portable Generator delivers power and peace of mind, plus electric start convenience. The high-performance alternator provides greater p..
Model: Honda EM4000SX iAVR
Honda EM4000SX iAVR Series Portable Generator — 5,000 Surge Watts, 3,500 Rated Watts, Electric Start, CARB-Compliant, Model# EM4000SX (For Homes) Product Summary This Honda EM4000SX iAVR Series Portable Generator features iAVR technology to provide 5,000 Watts for up to 10 seconds ..
Model: Powerhorse 7000
Powerhorse Portable Generator — 7,000 Surge Watts, 5,500 Rated Watts. Product Summary.  This Powerhorse Portable Generator includes a wheel kit, allowing you to bring plenty of power wherever there is a job to do. Plus, with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, this versatile ..
Model: Powerhorse 9000
Powerhorse Portable Generator — 9,000 Surge Watts, 7,250 Rated Watts, Electric Start. Product Summary This Powerhorse Portable Generator with Electric Start combines 9,000 Watts of clean electricity, electric start convenience and a full bank of outlets in one rugged, portable package...
Model: Pulsar 5500-watt
Only $2300.00 (Buyer pays for shipping and marine insurance). For $2600.00 (Shoppers Dome Marketplace pays for shipping and marine insurance if ordered 5 units or more).Pulsar · Diesel · Gasoline · 5.5 kilowatts  This diesel generator provides 7000w surge power with 5500w r..
Model: Pulsar PG5250
Product InformationPulsar PG5250, 4250 Watt, Portable Generator, Gasoline, Recoil Start.Pulsar PG5250 -  5250 Watt, Gasoline portable, utility generator with 208 CC. 7.0 HP OHV engine. When mobility is a need and power a requirement, nothing beats the Pulsar PG4500. Large enough with up to 4500..
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