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Brand: PIKrite Model: 240
FOR PRICE QUOTE: Please Contact Us for quotes.This tomato harvester is built with a number of features, including:40″ electronic color sorter26″ discharge elevatorgoose neck hitchgearbox-mounted dual-hydraulic pumpsdisk header pick-up with gathering chainsdisk reversing controlsdual-automatic header..
Brand: PIKrite Model: 3000
3000 CUCUMBER HARVESTERFill your trucks in record time with the state-of-the-art 3000 Cucumber Harvester!The Series 3000 runs at 2-3 MPH and features incredible advantages not found in competitors’ models:Single brush shaker systemGoose neck hitchSingle wheel systemVine chain105″ header intakeHedge ..
Brand: PIKrite Model: 8020
You’ve invested in your carrot crop, so make sure you obtain a maximum yield with the 8020 Carrot Harvester.8020 model enables you to easily and efficiently get the highest possible return on your carrot harvest, even if your terrain is challenging.The 8020 Carrot Harvester has a 36″ cleaning table ..
Brand: PIKrite Model: Chili pepper harvester
CHILI PEPPER HARVESTERMake this year's chili pepper yield your best ever with a proven technology!The chili pepper harvester uses its patented design to strip your peppers from the stalk and comb the soil, gently lifting the peppers off the soil bed.It has been engineered with your needs in mind, fe..
PEPPER HARVESTER.Now you can harvest up to 20,000 pounds of bell peppers every hour while cutting your labor costs!With the pepper harvester, you can count on getting the highest yield possible from your pepper crops – bells, bananas, jalapenos, hot cherry peppers – year after year. Whether you plan..
Brand: PIKrite Model: 190
FOR PRICE QUOTE: Please Contact Us for quotes.190 Tomato Harvester.32″ electronic color sorterelectronic over hydraulic controlsdual forced balance shaker systemheader vine assistdischarge elevatorseparation enhancement kit*automatic header height controlstandard tongue or 2 pt. goose neck hitchfres..
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